Welcome to Rinag Foods!

Established: 1986 by Indira Gogia

Objective: Promote FRESH Indian food in the National Capital Region

Activity:  - Prepare and supply Indian foods to Grocers, Delis, Restaurant and Caterars
- Cater Indian foods
- Operate Lunch Buffet
- On-site Banquet Facility in cozy surrounding
- Support local charities/fundraisers

Present Facility:
- 16,000 Sq.Ft Building in the Merivale Industrial Area comprising of
- Modern Kitchen;
- Restaurant for Buffet Lunches; and
- Banquet Hall for parties/Meetings/any other function

Features of foods prepared by RINAG*
No added preservatives
Unique and original

No added Preservative

Rinag prepares all its foods without the use of any added preservative, MSG , flavourings or chemicals to enhance flavour, taste orcolour. It is recommended to keep the products in cooler or freezer (for longer storage), prior to use.


The foods prepared by Rinag are nutritious, delicious, and wholesome. All Naans are baked in oven as well as three types of Samosas, are ideal for persons looking for unfried foods. Rinag also makes foods for people allergic to gluten (Vegetable Pakoras, curries andbiryanis) and can provide foods to satisfy the requirements of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.


Rinag variety of Naans, Samosas, Pakoras, Curries, Biryanis and Sauces are ideal to feed small or large families quickly and conveniently. All items are fully prepared, packaged and easily stored in cooler or freezer. It takes only a few minutes to heat these and serve for lunch, supper or late night snack. Most items can be heated in oven, microwave, frying pan or a BBQ and offer healthy alternative to hamburgers, hotdogs or sandwiches. Take these to school, office or picnic and enjoy healthy alternative and tasty foods.


Rinag stuffed Naans and Baked Samosas are the brainchild of RINAG’s founder and were created to satisfy the need of people looking for healthy food. These products were developed and are produced only in Ottawa and available in various stores of the National capital region.